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When it comes to selling a home, Flat fee MLS is the most cost effective method of marketing your real estate. A form of MLS By Owner, Listing on MLS for a low, flat fee, can save you thousands of dollars over traditional methods. Home Buying Rebates for Real Estate Home Buyers are a great way to save money on purchasing a home or property.

Flat fee MLS by owner on the MLS listing gives you cash discounts and rebates on buying and selling real estate by owner.

When you need to sell your home on the MLS by owner, flat fee MLS listing is the affordable way to list on MLS. No other system can give you everything you need to list and sell, make it simple to use and save you money like Bloomkey. That's why more people say, Bloomkey is the smarter way to buy or sell real estate!

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For sale by owner advertising packages include flat fee mls listing, realtor.com listing, advertisement of leading real estate websites. Real estate selling tools and for sale by owner tips and tactics for selling your home and making the most of your real estate investment. Bloomkey offers real estate sellers the very best in fsbo home marketing exposure. Never before has so much power been afforded the consumer. Now, for just a fraction of the cost of traditional and discount real estate brokerage, you can advertise your property to millions of home buyers around the world with flat fee mls listing. Save the commission and put more home equity in your pocket with a Bloomkey flat fee mls listing. More than just an flat fee MLS only entry, Bloomkey is a fully functional, real estate web application with powerful tools designed to make navigating the real estate transaction process easier than ever. Packed with thousands of pages of useful information, Bloomkey gives today's for sale by owner seller everything they need to be successful in today's market. Now there's a smarter way to buy and sell real estate by owner.

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