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Creating a Property Webpage


Listing with Bloomkey's allows you to create your own property webpage with a unique URL (e.g.

Create Property Webpage

If you have purchased an MLS or listing package, your property webpage can be created from the Member's Main Menu by selecting the 'folder' link on the left hand side of the page. Then simply fill in the form fields and click 'Submit' when you are finished'.

NOTE: If you have completed your listing paperwork online, your Property Webpage will have been automatically started for you with the information you entered when completing the online paperwork. Otherwise you will taken to the page to 'Create Property Webpage' where you may begin entering your property data and uploading photos.

Update Your Property Webpage

To update your Property Webpage, click on the 'tools' icon on the Member's Main page and then on the 'My Listings' page select and click the tab entitled 'Property Webpage' to reveal the links for actions associated with your Bloomkey webpage. By selecting the 'Update Webpage' icon you may change or correct your webpage at any time. The changes will be immediately reflected on your Property Webpage which can be viewed by potential buyers by entering the URL where XXXX is your property ID number - not to be confused with your Bloomkey User ID number or MLS number). Simply fill in the online form and click the 'Update' or 'Submit' button when you are ready to commit your changes.

Your Bloomkey Property webpage will automatically create 3 templates of Property Information Flyers for you and online viewers to print in Adobe PDF format. Also, the Property Webpage will automatically map through Google Maps to allow online viewers to see your property's location both through satellite mapping, street mapping and the new Google Street View mapping which allows visitors to virtually walk down your street and view the neighborhood in complete panoramic fashion. (This feature may not be available in all locations).

You may also upload additional forms, plats, floor plans and even a Podcast of your home to be displayed along with your Property Webpage.

Creating a Property Webpage automatically feeds your property information into Bloomkey's exclusive RSS/XML feed syndication network for additional exposure on websites like, and

The Bloomkey webpage has a unique featurette called 'Ask the Owner'. Buyers who are interested in your property may click the 'Ask the Owner' link and connect with you through the Bloomkey website without either of you having to give out your email address. You will be automatically notified whenever a buyer submits a question through Bloomkey's 'Ask the Owner'.

Add MLS Number

Important: If you have purchased an MLS listing for your Property, once your Property has been listed you will receive an MLS Number for your Property (usually found at the top of the MLS report). Be sure to add your MLS Number to your Property Webpage in the 'MLS Number' field so that visitors to the website may search for your Property by the MLS Number. Simply follow the directions to Update your Property Webpage and enter your MLS number, then click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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