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Adding Listing Packages


To create an MLS listing package offering for your MLS Coverage areas, you must first have completed the instructions for creating an MLS Coverage Area. Please be aware that if you take longer than 30 minutes to complete your package, you may be logged off of the system and lose your information. You may click 'Submit' at anytime and come back to the package through the 'Update' package link.

1) Login at

2) Under the area 'Flat Fee Property Listing Services' select the link under 'Package-Step 1' to 'Create' a package.

3) If your package is the same for each of your MLS Coverage areas, you may select more than 1 MLS Coverage area from the multi-select box by holding down the 'CTRL' (or 'ACTION' key on the MAC) and selecting the MLS Areas by left clicking with your mouse pointer.

4) The system allows for the creation of 3 separate packages, 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Diamond'. You do not need to create all 3, but if you do want to offer more than 1 package for an MLS area, the lower priced package should be 'Bronze', next 'Silver', then 'Diamond'. These packages must be created 1 at a time.

5) Under the boxes for 'Commission', indicate if a buyer agent commission is required and what the minimum amount of the buyer agent commission must be.

6) Enter the amount of 'Cancellation Fee', if a fee is required to withdraw or release the listing before its expiration.

7) The 'Closing Fee' and 'Closing Percentage' boxes are the for companies that charge sellers a back-end fee at settlement in addition to the flat-fee charged at the time of listing. This is most common in areas that have 'Minimum-Service' regulations that require broker involvement throughout the transaction.

8) Enter a 'Short Description' and 'Long Description' for your package. These boxes are to describe your offering. You may not include any links to outside websites or any references to your company's name or any other identifying information.

9) Select the length of the 'listing term' from the drop down menu (i.e. 6 months, 1 year, etc)

10) For 'Package Type' select the types of listings that are available through your company and the particular MLS.

11) Enter any required 'Disclaimers' or disclosures regarding your offering. These may be state or MLS required disclosures or limitations to your offering.

12) Enter the amount that you are charging to Bloomkey under 'Package Cost' for the package you are creating to be offered for sale at

13) Enter any description or notes for your package price (i.e. 1% due at settlement in addition to flat-fee).

14) Enter information about any Virtual Tour offered with your package and indicate whether the Tour will be offered on MLS and/or

15) Indicate the number of photos offered with this package both for MLS and on

16) Check the appropriate boxes for items to be included with your package from the available selections.

17) Click the green 'Submit' button to commit your changes.

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